Who we are

St. Peter’s is a community of clergy, staff, lay leaders, members, friends, and community partners.  Those who one might contact most frequently include:


Lael Sorensen: Priest and Rector

Lael Sorensen is an Episcopal priest and began as Rector of St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Rockland, Maine, in 2015. Prior to St. Peter’s, Lael served as Assistant Rector at Grace Church, Silver Spring, Maryland, and as chaplain at Christiana and Wilmington Hospitals in Delaware.

A native Californian, Lael was raised in New Jersey and attended schools in Massachusetts and Michigan but underwent her most important spiritual formation in Maine, where she was sponsored for ordination.

She holds a Master of Divinity from Yale Divinity School and Diploma in Anglican Studies from The Berkeley Divinity School at Yale. She is especially interested in practical theology for daily living, Ignatian spirituality, liturgy and music, and has a lifelong commitment to social justice.

Her sermons and other reflections can be found on her blog: For the Fullness of Joy.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Telephone: 207-594-8191

Email: rector.stpetersrockland@gmail.com

11 White Street, Rockland, ME 04841

Joe Cox

Joe Cox: Co-Senior Warden

Joe Cox grew up in Downeast Maine and studied Marine Engineering at Maine Maritime Academy, spending 18 years working in various Marine Engineer positions while going to sea. Joe left seagoing life in 2004 and is now self-employed. He is a widower and was married to Elizabeth Biddle (1959-2011) with whom he has two children, Jake and Rebecca. Joe has been a member of St. Peter’s since 2000.

Barbara Jean Obrien

Barbara Jean O’Brien: Music Director

Barbara Jean O’Brien grew up in the Boston area and moved to Maine in 2001. She has a Bachelor of Music from the University of Massachusetts, a Master of Music from the University of North Carolina, a Master of Arts in Liberal Studies from the University of New Hampshire and certifications in Contemplative Musicianship and Music-Thanatology from the Chalice of Repose Project School of Music-Thanatology.

Barbara Jean has served many spiritual congregations over the years, as organist, pianist, choir director, cantor, harpist, choir member and vocal soloist, and is pleased to call St. Peter’s her spiritual home.

Email: choirdirector.stpetersrockland@gmail.com


Kate Gabriel-Jones: Administrative Assistant

Kate Gabriel-Jones has served as an Administrative Assistant for St.  Peter’s Episcopal Church of Rockland since June, 2010.

Our Vestry (governing board)

Senior Warden: Joe Cox

Junior Warden: Sam Cotton

Treasurer: Peter Fontaine


Jef Berg

Liz Hunt (Liturgy and Worship)

Manette Pottle  (Spiritual Practices and Growth)

Mansosoi Tagai

Scott Tilton

Other Lay Ministry Leaders at St, Peter’s

Altar Guild & Flower Guild Coordinator: Rhonda Hart

Budget & Finance Committee: Doug Curtis and Joan Welsh

Buildings and Grounds: Paul Rogers

Episcopal Church Women: Gloria Young

Pastoral Care: Marty Rogers

Delegates to the Diocesan Convention: Sarah Cotton, Lucia Elder, and Marty Rogers